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A travel report: Our school trip to England

Reisebericht der Klassen 10aM und 9a der Grabfeld-Mittelschule Bad Königshofen
mit Dank an die Schülerautoren, die den Bericht sogar in Englisch verfasst haben! Eine tolle Leistung

classes 10aM and 9a from Grabfeld-Mittelschule Bad Königshofen

Sun, 15th April – Mo, 16th April 2018

Bad Königshofen -> Hastings

On a Sunday evening we started our school trip to England. All together we were 35 students and 3 teachers. We went by coach and travelled to England through the night till the next day. After we had arrived in Calais at our ferry, we went to the passport control. The officers looked for weapons and drugs. The border to England is better checked than the
Astral Lodge in Hastings
border to Germany. Then we went by ferry across the Channel. After landing in England we went to Hastings by coach. Our hotel was in Hastings. We unpacked our luggage and checked the hotel rooms. In the evening we went outside to eat something. We decided to eat fish and chips and it tasted really good. All in all
A 'must try' in England - Fish & Chips
it was a very good trip to England.


Tue, 17th April 2018        Hastings

We spent our day in Hastings. First we went to the Shipswreckmuseum in two groups. There were many interesting things and stories but for some students it was
a little bit boring. After that we went to the Hastings Castle. The green landscape was really beautiful. We saw a short film about the Battle of Hastings. Then we had lunch in our free time. At last at 4p.m. we went to the Smugglers Adventure. It was really creepy there but interesting too. In the late afternoon
we had free time again and at 9 p.m. we talked about London which we wanted to visit the next day. 
Hastings - Shipwreck Museum | Hastings Castele | Smugglers Adventure

Wed, 18th April 2018.    London

On our third day on Wednesday we were in London. We arrived Brixton- a suburb in the south of London- by coach at 11a.m. It was a long and very funny travel by coach and tube. On foot we visited the Big Ben but unfortunately it was covered and we didn`t take a lot of different photos of the Big Ben. The other sights were the Horse Guards, Buckingham Palace, St. James`s Park and the Houses of Parliament. 


It was very exciting to see the sights in real life. We took many photos. After that we had free time and we walked in groups through the city. We ate something and then we met again and we walked to the Covent Garden. There we had also free time. Then we went by underground to the Tower Bridge. It was very full because it was ”rush hour“! We walked across the Tower Bridge and took a lot of photos of our class with the Tower Bridge in the background. At last we went by boat back to the Big Ben. After that we took a short look to Piccadilly Circus and afterwards we went by underground back to the bus. We arrived at our hotel at midnight.

classes 10aM and 9a from Grabfeld-Mittelschule Bad Königshofen in London


 Thu, 19th April 2018.    Brighton and Beachy Head

Our 4th day in England started relaxed with warm and sunny weather. At 10 a.m. we went to Brighton by coach. But at first we stopped at a supermarket which we know:”Lidl“. After we had shopped there we drove to the Brighton Pier.
Brighton Pier
There we had at first free time where we could eat or buy something. After that little break we went to the Police Museum where we had a guided tour. Then we had free time again and we could go shopping or could do other things. Many of us went to the Lanes or to the Pier again. The Lanes are long small streets which are full of shops. And at 4.30 p.m. we went by coach to Beachy Head where we

drove 3 hours stop and go, because there was the rush hour. At 8.03 p.m. we enjoyed the sunset which was beautiful. We took lots of photos of the sunset and cliffs. After the sunset we were collecting stones with holes inside. We started a competition:”Who would find the most stones?“ Then we went back to the hotel, where many of us ordered pizza or something else.

Fri, 20th April 2018.        Hastings -> Germany

Well, that was our last day in Hastings. We got up very early at 7 a.m. and then we took our luggage to the bus. After that we went to breakfast. Till 10 a.m. we had free time and relaxed or went outside. 

Blue Reef Aquarium Hastings
Then we went to the Blue Reef Aquarium. It was really nice and there were so many fish. It was great to see the fish when they got their food. After the Aquarium we had a lot of free time, till 4.30 p.m. Some of the students went to the beach, others to the small shops or they ate a lot. Most of the students went to the beach for the last time because it looked beautiful and the weather
was sunny and very nice. There weren’t any clouds in the sky! 

At the beach we found a lot of stones with a hole in it. At 5p.m. we left Hastings and all the students were sad because it was very beautiful in Hastings. The people there were very relaxed and when you went outside, you saw the sea and the pier and all was so colourful. At 8 p.m. we stood in front of the ferry entrance in Dover. We were lucky because we could take an earlier ferry. At 11 p.m. we arrived the European continent. But at 2 a.m. we had passport control in the Netherlands. We were a little bit scared and unhappy because it was so early. We arrived at Bad Königshofen at 9 a.m. a little bit tired but absolutely happy.

All in all we think the day and the week was very beautiful and interesting.

Die Klassenfahrt Südengland wurde geplant und durchgeführt von ix-tours Studienreisen.

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